ZLINE Dealer Policies & Procedures website:

Welcome to the Policies and Procedures website for ZLINE Dealer, an affiliate of ZLINE Kitchen and Bath (“ZLINE”). Below, you will find helpful links to ZLINE’s current policies and procedures.

Please note: Because ZLINE continually strives to improve its products, the company may change specifications and designs when considered necessary and useful without affecting the essential safety and operating characteristics of its products.

As such, ZLINE reserves the right, at the company’s sole discretion, to modify, change, update, and/or replace the terms stipulated within each policy at any time without notice. Please review these policies frequently for any changes.

Further, the policies below may not necessarily include all policies or guidelines practiced by ZLINE, ZLINE Dealer, or other companies or entities affiliated with ZLINE.


Lapsed Policies:

Return Policy Exp. 08/14/23