Showroom Policy

ZLINE Showroom Policy                                    Effective Date: 06/18/2022 

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is focused on growing its showroom network and continuously support and  incentivize our partners who display ZLINE products. This agreement is to ensure products are being  properly used for display purposes. Showroom products are NOT to be sold to customers. Selling  showroom products without written approval from ZLINE will result in removal from ZLINE’s  showroom map. 

PURCHASING. Showroom products are offered to qualified dealers at 50% of MAP. ZLINE requires  50% of retail value to be reimbursed under the following circumstances: 

- Dealer does not sell a greater retail value of showroom product in the first 6 months. - If the ZLINE display product is not displayed for at least 12 months. 

- If the showroom goes out of business or is closed for an extended period. 

BENEFITS. ZLINE offers the following benefits to dealers with displays: 

  1. An additional 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty on any new range sold (2 years total). 2. Participation in ZLINE’s Spiff Program (see below for details). 
  2. Feature on ZLINE’s showroom map. 

REQUIREMENTS. Showroom dealers will have to maintain the following requirements to qualify for  the benefits above: 

  1. Beginning January 1st, 2023. Showrooms must display a minimum of 4 products or 2 vignettes to be eligible for the Spiff Program. 
  2. Photos of the products on display in order to be added to the showroom map on ZLINE’s website. ZLINE requires display photos to be submitted on a quarterly basis to the dealer’s account manager to maintain the benefits above. 
  3. Products are maintained in good condition. Any product defects, issues, or damages are to be reported to ZLINE (via account manager). 

DISPLAY UPGRADE. Dealers who wish to upgrade their display product to new models can reach out  to ZLINE for written approval to sell their displays with an open box discount after submitting an order  for a new display product. Manufacturer’s warranty and spiffs will not apply to these sales.

Spiff Program: 

  • In order to be eligible for the SPIFF program, vendors must display no less than 4 products or 2 Vignettes (starting January 1st, 2023). 
  • The SPIFF Program is only allowed for Sales Associates, Business Owners will not be eligible. 
  • Claims must be submitted to the following link. 

  • The following information is required in order to process SPIFFs: 

 ZLINE Reference Number (Ex. ZLV00000) 

Check Recipient Name 

Check Recipient Email 

Check Recipient Address for physical check 

Product with SKU 

  • SPIFFs will be issued after the 30-day window for returns has closed. (I.e. if a product is sold in January, the spiff will be paid in March). 
  • The total monthly SPIFF balance must be at least $25 to be processed. 
  • SPIFFS MUST be submitted no more than 30 days after the purchase date. The SPIFF program is subject to change without notice. 
  • To qualify for the SPIFF program the vendor must possess a valid resale certificate. All SPIFF submissions are subject to review, and any that do not meet the guidelines communicated will not be paid. 
  • No SPIFF will be paid for display items sold by the dealer. 
  • If you have any questions regarding the SPIFF Program, please email