Touchstone SPIFF Promo

From January 9th to March 31st, seize the opportunity to double your SPIFF payout and earn $100 for each ZLINE Touchstone Wine Cooler and Beverage Center sold!

To support your sales efforts, we're offering an exclusive showroom deal. Purchase any Touchstone Wine Cooler or Beverage Center at 50% off MAP, and receive a full reimbursement by selling a minimum of 2 units by February 10th, 2024. Showcase these innovative products to help your team excel in sales.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

1. For every touchstone unit sold, the sales rep will be eligible to received double the spiff payout.

a. Standard SPIFF payout is $50. During the promotional period (Jan 9th - March 31st), the SPIFF payout for Touchstone units is $100 per unit.

*Only offered to SPIFF eligible showrooms

2. Receive full reimbursement when purchasing and displaying a Touchstone Wine Cooler or Beverage Center in your showroom during the promotional period.

a. Touchstone showroom model(s) will be provided at 50% off MAP

b. Partners must sell a minimum of 2 units by February 10th, 2024 to receive full reimbursement of showroom order total.

c. Reimbursement will be provided via store-credit.

3. This promotional period is valid from: 1/9/24 - 3/31/24